What's Inside?

A whole lot goes into every Outer Banks Box, in fact... you'll start enjoying the box the moment it arrives to your door!  Our custom boxes and packaging were inspired by the aqua-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm sandy beaches on the Outer Banks. You'll feel like you've "crossed the bridge" the moment you open it!

You can also read some of our product reveal blogs to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Curated. Local. Quality.

One of the benefits of offering four boxes a year is that it gives us plenty of time to seek out new and exciting products for you to enjoy year round. Living on the Outer Banks, we'll spend 365 days a year looking for the greatest items and gifts to share with you!

Each shipment of the Outer Banks Box will typically contain 4-6 main items ranging from: food, snacks, photo gifts, knick-knacks, product samples, momentos, souvenirs, holiday gifts, and even some custom products only available in your Outer Banks Box!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Outer Banks Box?

The Outer Banks Box is filled with specially produced and hand-selected local goods to give you a boost of OBX while you're not on vacation.

How does it work?

The Outer Banks Box is a subscription service and delivered regularly. In our case it's every 3 months. You may opt to be regularly billed before each shipment or pre-pay for a year and save. We have a few "order anytime" items in our extras shop and intend to add more fun one-time purchase items in the future.  Any unsold boxes or items from each round of shipments may be available for single purchase after our bulk shipment date.

Allergies F.A.Q.

From time to time food items may include chocolate, tree nuts, and various products that are sensitive for some consumers. Please pay careful attention to product labeling and our printed insert to understand what is included in each box. If you have food sensitivities and are unsure about the ingredients of a product, please contact the individual producer for more information before consuming. Our boxes are produced in a pet-friendly home, however all supplies including our products and shipping materials are stored away from pets/animals.

Can I pick my box up in person?

While we love to meet our fans and subscribers, we cannot deliver boxes in person or make them available for local pickup. This keeps our shipping logistics working and ensures your box is delivered to the correct destination every time. If you are on the OBX or away around the time a box is to be delivered, we highly encourage you to sign up for a mail hold from USPS.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

While we hope you love our service so much that you never consider canceling, we are flexible with our plans. Because of product production times, we do not offer refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time before your renewal date. For quarterly plans, this is the first day of the month of your next shipment (example: you sign up in November, you've already paid for December's shipment and would be rebilled the first of March). Annual prepaid plans are rebilled the first day of the month that is one year from your first shipment (example: you purchased an annual subscription in May, your first box ships in June, you would be rebilled the first of June the following year). We send a renewal reminder to the email address you provide before your plan renews.

How are the boxes priced?

The Outer Banks box is priced at a flat rate, and we also offer a special discount if you pre-pay for a year. Each box arrives in beautiful custom packaging, inspired by the aqua ocean waves and warm golden sand of the Outer Banks.  Unlike "less than retail value" subscription boxes, we feel the value in our service comes from the thoughtful curation of the products included, occasional specialty items only available with our service, the detailed presentation of our box, and timely regular deliveries. Shipments typically contains 4-6 main items... either custom produced for our box or hand-selected from local OBX artisans and crafters that we've found who make the highest quality products available. We're confident that you'll love receiving your box, savoring the element of surprise, and ultimately enjoying the assortment of products that have been curated by us to share especially for you.

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